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The Truth About Pin Designs

You can’t think of Pinterest without also thinking of the word Aesthetic.

pinterest pin designs

True story, do you know how many times in a day I have to type the word aesthetic and I still have to slow down and spell out every single letter? Haha. Too many times to count!

Client’s have told me….I don’t want to use Pinterest to grow my business. Their reason? I am not ‘aesthetic’ enough.

Friend, let me tell you… are more than beautiful and your business is too. And….let me introduce you to your new best friend…CANVA. (just whipped us this graphic in Canva in less than 3o seconds!)

True, you could totally outsource some Pin Design Templates to a Designer but I am aware that outsourcing is a luxury and not always an option as you’re growing your business.

Seriously though, Canva. Open up Canva and select Pinterest Pins (1000x1500 px). Do you see all these stunning Pin design templates you could be using? You can customize any of them. You can even save them as Brand Templates to easily recreate them each month. 

What makes a good Pin Design for a Pinterest Pin?

Like most things related to design…..the beauty can be in the eye of the beholder. Pinterest is the perfect example of this. Search the topic you’re about to pin about and scroll through the search feed results. You will literally see thousands of different Pin design options ranging from beautiful images, images with text overlay, video pins etc. 

Pinterest advises to use a maximum of 3 fonts per pin. A maximum of 3, you don’t have to use 3 but for sure don’t use more than 3. 

Pinterest recommends the sizing of your pins to be 1000 x 1500 px.

Pinterest also advises to consider using keywords in the text on the pin. This is an excellent location for your keywords and just one of 9 places you can use keywords on Pinterest. To learn more about all the places to use your keywords, read that blog post here.

A word of caution about Pin Designs.

Pinterest does have a reputation for providing the vibes and aesthetic. It’s a little elevated, a little dreamy and a whole lot of inspiration. 

However, we still want your content to be relevant to your brand, your messaging and your business. What does this mean? At times, some are prone to using stock images to create their content, there is nothing wrong in doing that. However, using stock images alone will not create a stellar pinterest strategy to grow your business. 

In fact, I had someone approach me to tell me that she had been paying for someone to manage her Pinterest account for 3 years and hadn’t seen any results. She even had ‘viral pins’ with thousands and thousands of impressions but no leads. No sales. 

Again, any great Pinterest manager will tell you, the most important Pin Analytic is outbound clicks. You can read all about Pinterest Analytics here

So back to these pins that were getting thousands of impressions but almost zero outbound clicks. They were stock images. Zero branding. Zero text overlay. She is an online service provider and these ‘viral pins’ were beautiful, ‘Pinterest aesthetic’ perfect images. Stock images of a pair of hands typing on a laptop, you know the kind. 

This pin was getting thousands of views, it was getting lots of saves. In theory…..those numbers are looking great. But the problem was, this Pin Design did nothing to grow her business. The audience still had no idea what services she had to offer and her audience had no desire nor need to click through to learn more. There was no CTA. Stayed tuned for some Pin CTA’s (Call to Actions) coming up soon.

So before you get overwhelmed by coming up with some stunning Pinterest Pin Designs, remember these basic tips.

  • Use Canva templates. (thank me later)

  • Use a maximum of 3 fonts.

  • Use your branding, your logo, your fonts consistently.

  • Use keywords on the text overlay.

As always, if you need help finding the right keywords to use for Pinterest, I am here to help. Book a Keyword Strategy today and receive a minimum of 250 keywords for Pinterest to use across your content. 

Friend, client’s often tell me that Pin Designs are the hardest part about marketing on Pinterest but with these tips they’ve been able to start pinning consistently and having fun with the design process!

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