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How to Add Keywords to Pinterest

We can’t talk about how to add keywords to Pinterest pins without first talking about what on earth Pinterest keywords are!

how to add pinterest keywords

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It combines the wonderful power of captivating images with relevant searchable keywords to get your content in front of the right audience. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

To optimize

  • your Pinterest account

  • your Pinterest Boards

  • your Pin Titles and Pin Descriptions ….you need to be using the right keywords!

How to find your keywords for Pinterest?

One way to get you started is simply open up Pinterest and enter how you would describe your business in the search bar….go slowly. As you start to type you will see two things.

  1. A list of relevant keywords

  2. A list of your competitors who have Pinterest accounts and are using these relevant keywords in their bio

I cover all of this and so much more in The Pinterest Masterclass. 

Look at that list of relevant keywords. Look at those Pinterest accounts from your competitors. 

Sometimes, the way we would describe our business vs the way people are searching for your business are totally different.

Take for example: ‘mindful macro coach’. A recent client shared that is how she would describe herself. 

This is a classic case of your audience not knowing they even need you yet!

Using ‘mindful macro coach’ as her main keyword will dramatically reduce her reach. 

That describes her well….once you know about her. So how do we find suitable keywords, the words her next ideal clients are actually using to search for a coach like her?

Zoom out. 

Get back to basics.

What are your audience desires? 

What problem do you help them solve?

What are they really looking for a solution to?

For example, if you are a boutique owner, you probably have super cute names for different clothes in your store…..adorable! But is that optimized for a search engine?

A previous client described her business as ‘traditional children’s clothing’ it. I see it. 

But that is NOT what her audience is searching for. They’re searching for ‘boys clothes’, ‘handmade kid’s clothes’. 

Traditional children’s clothing vs handmade kid’s clothes.

You think they’re saying the same thing but when it comes to SEO each word matters. Using the right words matters. 

What is Pinterest SEO? 

Using Pinterest keywords in all the right places. That means adding those all important keywords to your Pinterest profile and bio, your Pinterest boards and your pins!

pinterest keywords tool

If you want to guarantee you know where to put keywords on Pinterest in all the right places, download my FREEBIE The Pinterest Keyword Checklist.

A FREE Pinterest keyword tool to help you know how to add keywords to Pinterest to maximize your reach.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to market your business for FREE and the pins you create today will continue to drive traffic to your website for YEARS TO COME.

If you need help finding your keywords, let me do the hard work for you. Book a Pinterest Keywords Strategy today and get 250 keywords for Pinterest to use across your Pinterest marketing. 

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