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Best Amazon Home Office Essentials

If you work from home, make sure you don't miss my favorite work from home essentials all from Amazon!

I started my business as a Pinterest Manager back in 2021. The truth is....I was let go from my previous job and came home and googled 'how to work from home with no experience'.

I had a laptop on it's last legs. I didn't even have a desk.

Here Are My Home Office Essentials You NEED to Order From Amazon

For the girls that work from home, but want to ditch working from the closet vibe.

amazon home office essentials list

I never imagined I could ever have a job that allowed me to work from home.

I started out with a fold-out desk in the corner of a barely ever used guest room.

In time, as the need to show up on Instagram and create content grew, I started to invest in accessories to make that easier.

Even though I am a Pinterest manager, I still shoot reels and host Tea Time, my IG Live series interviewing awesome small business owners.

I decided to make a brief list of my favorite amazon home office finds that I personally have and love. These are all affiliate links so I will make a small commission if you decide to add some of these to your cart too!

A full rundown of my home office essentials:

First up on my home office supplies list must have the walking pad! I have had mine for a few months now and can say I absolutely love it. I keep mine right next to my desk and usually hop on for a 20 minute walk between calls or as a way to end the work day. Typically I spend the time scrolling through IG stories and replying to DM's.....we all doom scroll anyway so might as well get some steps in at the same time! It was SUPER EASY to put together, has a remote and has wheels so I can easily move it around the house....which I have done to keep walking while watching tv.

I recently upgraded my Apple Airpods to the latest Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Generation. Wow, what an upgrade! Also, these came in CLUTCH on my recent trip back to England. The noise cancelling feature worked amazing on all the flights and to be honest helped me keep a lot calmer!

I have two tripods on the list! The first has a Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand. I use this one most often for shooting reels and for hosting my IG Lives. The ring light has multiple settings and the extendable legs for the tripod make it very easy to adjust to the right height. The second tripod is perfect for on top of the desk or a countertop. Perfect for shooting a quick reel in the kitchen or at the desk.

For my actual desk, I absolutely had to get a second screen. I can't go back! My laptop can only do so much. I love this screen as it's large enough for me to see all my workflows, it also has USB-C so it charges my laptop while connected to the screen.

A little desk organization to maintain your sanity and this beautiful desk mat, it comes in so many colors. It makes me smile everyday.

My latest additional to my work from home office essentials from amazon is the daily to-do list notepad! Confession: I love lists. I love a good to-do list, especially if it's pretty! There are so many color ways available. Yes, I still use Asana to keep me on track for all my business related tasks but sometimes you just need to jot the important to dos for the day on a piece of paper and get that satisfaction of crossing them off the list.

Now I can cross off 'write blog post on amazon home office essentials' from my list for today!

Let me know, do you already have any of these? Are you planning to get any?

I recently signed up for the Amazon affiliate program. If you click on any of these links to purchase any item I will get a small commission. The real reason I signed up for the Amazon affiliate program is to better serve my clients.

One of the most popular questions I have been asked this year so far for Pinterest Strategy is how best to use my affiliate links on Pinterest? So I plan to test this out myself!

I have written this blog post, I have a number of pin designs created, a number of different pin boards to pin them to and over the coming months I will continue to create fresh pins linking to this blog post and tagging each product with my affiliate links!

I will for sure keep you posted on how it's going.

I am still looking for more home office inspiration as I feel I need to decorate a little more, maybe some paneling on the walls? or paint? I'm scouring Pinterest for inspo. Stay tuned for that too!

As always, if you need any help with using Pinterest for your business, maybe you need a Pinterest Keyword Strategy or a full Pinterest Strategy Session, I am here for you!

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