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Should You Market Your Business On Pinterest?

girl making pins for pinterest marketing
Is Pinterest Marketing right for you?

You know what they say about giving advice? Only give advice when you’re asked.

Well, I’m taking this as a sign that you’ve asked for advice so buckle up, I’m going to give you some.

Have you got your cup of tea and a little notebook ready?

This isn’t just advice, this is action. 

I want you to truly ask yourself these following questions if you’re considering Pinterest Marketing: 

How is my business doing?

This is not a reflection of your Instagram analytics. Truly, how is your business doing? Is it actually booming behind the scenes? Are you hitting your income goals? Are you getting solid leads?

Next question:

How am I doing?

Running a business is no small feat. The to do list is endless and the pressure to keep up and continue to scale never stops. Do you have the space, mentally and physically, to add Pinterest marketing to that to do list? If not, that is okay! It may not be the right time for you, or the best option is to hand it off…..fully hand over the keys and truly take one more thing off of your plate by hiring a Pinterest Manager. 

Ready for another question?

Do I have the budget for Pinterest marketing?

Eeeek, we went there. Yes we did. Money matters. Investing in a Pinterest expert is worth some serious consideration. 

Final question:

Am I patient?

Didn’t mean to get so personal there but here’s the truth: marketing on Pinterest is not an overnight success. Ever. Pinterest marketing takes significant time to see results. Is it worth it? Absolutely. All the best things in life are worth waiting for. I hear a baby takes 9 whole months to grow. Patience my friend, it is so necessary for any aspect of your business. If you’re looking for instant success, an instant ROI, Pinterest marketing is not for you.

Now you’ve got all your answers, what are you thinking? How are we feeling?

Are we ready to jump right in?

If you're ready for a custom Pinterest Strategy, or are you looking for Pinterest Management fill in the contact form today and you will be hearing from me soon!

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