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How to Get Started on Pinterest

Updated: Apr 17

I’m guessing you love Pinterest…as a user.

I’m guessing you have a feeling you need to market on Pinterest for your business.

And I’m also guessing you have no clue how to get started, where to even begin and how does this whole thing work?

Hi! Have we met? I’m Amy, your Pinterest marketing expert, here to help you calm those nerves, get focused and be truly successful at marketing your business on Pinterest.

Congratulations! You have absolutely made the right choice. Just like Paris, Pinterest is always a good idea!

So let’s jump to it, we ain’t got much time these days for anything:

The Number 1, most important, top of the list, do not miss step is:


Research your industry, your competitors and your KEYWORDS!

It is so important to get started on the right foot, research allows you to build a solid foundation, set the right goals, have the right expectations and most importantly, have a profile and strategy designed to succeed

Researching your industry on Pinterest allows you to see what types of posts are performing well, is there an interest for your industry on Pinterest? 

Researching your competitors helps you to see the potential of your business on Pinterest. This is not to steal ideas but to be inspired. Reviewing competitors is a vital part of any Strategy Call I conduct with clients. 

Look for what type of content is performing well, consider the pin type, consider the design of the pins.

For example…for photographers, usually you would expect to see beautiful images. For a home organizer, you typically see before and after images, or pin graphics with text overlay explaining ‘HOW TO….’ (organize your kitchen pantry, organize your small walk-in closet, your kids arts and crafts etc)

See what you are drawn to!

Researching your keywords is the most vital part of research. Showing up with an optimized profile, boards and pins is paramount to success. Pinterest is a search engine! Search engine optimization (SEO) is VITAL! 

Failing to do your research is a guarantee for failing on Pinterest.

Pinterest wants you to succeed. They want to get your business in front of the perfect audience. And so do I.

If you are in need of a list of Keywords for Pinterest, consider booking a Pinterest Keyword Strategy.

If you’re ready to DIY your Pinterest marketing, book a Pinterest Strategy Session today to get started. If you’re ready to totally hand off the reins, LET’S GO! Fill out the contact form and I will be in touch shortly!

At the very least....we all love a FREEBIE. Download my FREE Pinterest Keywords Checklist here.

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