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How To Write Pin Titles and Descriptions

Learn exactly how to add keywords to Pinterest pins

Are you getting stuck and confused and ultimately frustrated trying to write the perfect pin title and description? Do you find yourself wasting time being worried that you're sounding like a robot?

I have good news for you. First of all, no need to stress. The Pinterest algorithm is way more interested in reading those perfect pin descriptions than any human is. Second of all, I have the perfect pinterest tool to help you. Download my FREEBIE to learn how to write pinterest descriptions that actually convert. Learn exactly where to put keywords on Pinterest so your beautiful pins get seen by your dream customers and clients. 

In the guide I give you 10 prompts for how to add keywords to pinterest pins, both for your Pin Titles and Pin Descriptions. 

Download it today for a plug and play DIY Guide to elevate your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. If you need more help, consider scheduling a Pinterest Strategy Session today.

Or better yet, have me handle all of your Pinterest Marketing for you by booking my Monthly Pinterest Management Package.

Learn how to write pin titles and descriptions that convert...

“Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and insight!! I feel so empowered to conquest Pinterest!"

The Pinterest Keywords Checklist is available for download now!

No more guess work.


Learn exactly where and how to use your Pinterest keywords.


Together we can make this your best year in business yet!

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