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My Pinterest Strategy Vs Theirs - The Results

Disclaimer: I have asked this client for permission to share these results.

my pinterest strategy results

I am not really sure where to start. 

Do we start at the beginning of this client journey? Do we start by saying, hey it all turned out okay in the end?

Most of you know by now that due to some major health challenges during 2023 I had to take a huge step back from my business. This is just a caveat to this story I am about to share. 

Now as a Pinterest Manager, one of my favorite things to do is create a Custom Pinterest Strategy.

Actually, this service has continued to evolve over the years because of this client! I want to make sure you feel equipped and enabled to implement this Pinterest Strategy on your own. You can do it! We all just need someone to lay out the groundwork sometimes and give us a guide to follow. 

So often on the Discovery Call client’s say exactly the same thing: ‘I think I can do it, I just need someone to show me the ropes.’....I believe you can do it too, and I am here to show you the ropes.

Pinterest Strategy Sessions with me are not just about finding the right keywords. Keywords are included and you can also just book a Keyword Strategy with me on it’s own!

I care about your business. I care about your goals. I also care that your efforts on Pinterest are sustainable for you AND actually get you results.

Pinterest is not an overnight success.

Now back to this client story you’ve all been wanting to hear about.

We worked together in the Spring of 2023, within 3 months these were her results!

3 month pinterest strategy client results

Amazing stuff!! So happy to see the progress. We were learning what pins were connecting with her audience and which keywords were getting her content seen. 

It was going so amazing that she decided to hand it over to someone who advertised that they could offer Pinterest amongst other tasks she needed help with in her business! A package deal. They could help with many, many things they said….her website, her blogs AND her Pinterest. Awesome!

(Remember, I was taking a break due to health issues at the time.)

Here are the results from the next 3 months with ‘their strategy’.

3 months pinterest strategy fail

Cue the DM I will never forget. ‘Is it normal for my analytics to TANK?’

…. TANK? 

I said ‘well usually there is a slight dip during the summer time as folks are usually a bit more active offline than online, but TANK? Send me a screenshot.’

I asked the client to log in to her account and review any recent activity and we quickly realized this offer was all too good to be true. 

They had completely destroyed her account.

Once I was well enough to take on client’s again….she was my very first call!

Once I was able to properly review ALL that had gone wrong and ALL that was needed to recover this account, here were the big takeaways.


  • they stopped posting any original content

  • they started only repinning popular pins

  • they pinned pins completely unrelated to the client’s niche, thus confusing the algorithm

  • they created unrelated boards and used chat GPT to write the board descriptions

Friend, there are many lessons here beyond just how to grow on Pinterest. 

This is also sadly not the only story I have for you. 

A large portion of my clients have come to me after being burned by some other person claiming to be a Pinterest expert. 

“I paid someone $6,000 to run my Pinterest account and I didn’t see a single ROI.”

“I have been using someone to make pins for me for 4 years and I haven’t seen any traffic to my website.”....YIKES!

“I paid someone to review my account last year and she just told me to change my colors.”

These are all separate quotes from separate business owners I have spoken to just in the last few months.

Not all Pinterest Managers are created equal. As I said in a recent blog post, if you are considering hiring your VA to run your Pinterest for you, just know there is a world of difference in posting pins vs creating a Pinterest Strategy that actually gets results.


pinterest success quote

  • Only post original content and drive traffic TO YOUR WEBSITE

  • If you want to save any pins, keep that for your personal account or use a Secret Board

  • Stick to using RELEVANT KEYWORDS, stop confusing the algorithm - for example: if you’re a brand photographer, stick to photography, keep your gluten free dinner ideas elsewhere


If you need help getting started on Pinterest, I am here to help. Please, use that hard earned cash wisely.

The Pinterest Masterclass is available to download for just $79 and teaches you exactly what you need to succeed in 2024 on Pinterest. 

I offer Keyword Strategy and Custom Pinterest Strategy Sessions to get you started on the right track. 

If you’re too busy for all of that and are ready for me to take the reins and give you the full red carpet treatment….you need Pinterest Monthly Management. 

Now back to the client! The good news is….this story had a happy ending. In reality, it is not an ending at all but really just the beginning!

This client just sent me her recent 3 month analytics since implementing the new Pinterest Strategy. 

pinterest strategy session 3 month results

Look at those numbers!! 

I cleaned up all her Pinterest boards, created new Pinterest boards. I made sure to optimize each board with ACTUAL KEYWORDS and none of this Chat GPT nonsense. 

I separated her content based on different categories to help her know exactly what to pin and when. I found over 1,000 keywords for her!! Yes, you read that right. It was just too much fun, I had to keep going. (Disclaimer: I promise a minimum of 250.) 

I also dove deep into the Pinterest Trends tool to create a content plan that would work for the rest of the year.

The results speak for themselves! It is working! 

Friend, your hard earned money is yours to spend. As a business owner, we need to be cautious about who and when we make investments in our business. 

Take this as permission to ask questions….as many as you need to.

Take this as permission to ask for recommendations. 

Take this as permission to take your time making these decisions. 

Not all online service providers are built the same. There are so many incredible ones out there and I will happily send you any recommendations for service providers that you might need! 

For Pinterest, let me show you the way. 

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