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When To Call in a Pinterest Manager

Hi, Amy here. Pinterest Manager, Pinterest Consultant, Pinterest Strategist... or as some call me Pinterest Expert. 

If you’re a business owner, or you’re a VA this blog is for you. 

pinterest manager

First of all, what is a Pinterest Manager? What does a Pinterest Manager do?

A Pinterest Manager knows:

  • how to use Pinterest to market your business

  • how to use SEO on Pinterest

  • how to get blog traffic from Pinterest

  • how to post on Pinterest and make money

I get it, I really do. Building your own business takes a lot of work and at certain points we know we need to make the investment to level up but we are cautious! You should be. It is wise to be conscious of every investment we make in our businesses. 

I am going to go there. It has to be said. Now, let me preface this by saying…this is coming from a place of love. Also, from a place of understanding. 

I started out as a VA. I have also hired VAs to work for me. I LOVE VAs. VAs provide SO MUCH VALUE to your business! 

Now you know my true feelings, it's time to tell it to you straight:

Your VA is not your Pinterest Manager. 

Your VA is not your Pinterest Expert.

Your VA is not your Pinterest Consultant.

And that’s okay!! Your VA is your Virtual Assistant. She can ASSIST you in SO many incredible ways and truly take the load OFF YOUR PLATE. Amen. 

A Pinterest Manager knows how to use pinterest to market your business. A Pinterest Manager knows how to use seo on pinterest. A Pinterest Manager knows how to get blog traffic from pinterest. A Pinterest Manager knows how to post on pinterest and make money.

Things you can ask your VA to do for Pinterest:

  • Edit your Canva templates

  • Schedule your pins

  • Write pin titles and descriptions

It is unfair, to be frank, to expect your VA to know anything at all about a Pinterest Strategy.

For example, you probably have your VA create some posts for you in Canva to use on Instagram, you probably also have the same VA schedule your posts, maybe respond to some DM’s. But we all know, to truly grow and see success on any platform these days you need to be clued in to what is currently working and stick to the expert who has a pulse on those things.

We fully acknowledge the difference in a VA vs a Social Media Manager….they are not the same. We also can go so far as to say there is a total difference in being a Social Media Manager vs being a Social Media Strategist.

There’s a difference between the artist who painted that stunning painting you bought to hang in your living room vs the guy or girl you hired to hang it for you (or like me, asking your husband to hang it!). 

Time for a confessional. We have the Samsung Frame TV in our living room. I love it. I for sure was influenced by seeing so many of them on Instagram and said to Cliff….once we buy our own home, I would love a fireplace and a Frame TV. I saved my pennies and made it happen. When we first bought our town house….anyone who has bought a home knows, everything is always way more expensive than you realize. I had budgeted for what we needed in each area of the home but FOR SURE thought….I don’t need to HIRE someone to hang this tv. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say….when we relocated to Charleston, hiring someone to hang our TV was the FIRST thing we did. Hahah. We tried to do it ourselves in our first house. We did it, but it wasn’t fun. We did it, but it wasn’t pretty. 

We hired a local guy here who literally advertised himself as a Frame TV Expert Installer. Hello. Amen. Thank you! How soon can you get here? He was epic. He was a true professional. He did it way better and way faster than we ever could. He does this, day in and day out. He is the expert. 

Don’t even get me started on the situation earlier in the year that ended with us calling an emergency plumber at 9pm at night. Those on my email list already heard that story!!

Yes, you can have your VA create and schedule some pins for you but if you really want to see success….you need to call the expert. 

Success on Pinterest is not based on posting pins.

You need to know how to market your business on Pinterest, with a custom Pinterest Strategy designed for YOU.

I have worked with many wonderful VAs. You already have a wonderful working relationship together and your lovely VA wants your business to succeed just as much as you do. 

These VAs come to me to create the Strategy. Learn exactly what they need to know to make sure they’re showcasing your business and your content in all the right ways on Pinterest. 

Please don’t expect your VA to know all the things about Pinterest….it is unfair. 

Also, VAs….you don’t have to know all the things to serve your client well. The sign of a wonderful VA is being willing to learn, being honest about what you can and can’t do and recommending to your client when it’s time to call in the expert.

Business owners, if you want your VA to get some training….pay for the training! I have already had many VA’s take The Pinterest Masterclass. If you want your VA to implement a Pinterest Strategy…..schedule a Pinterest Strategy Session so she can implement the strategy I build for you.

Also, while you’re here….if you’re asking your VA to do additional tasks, expect a little price increase, just saying.

And to my VA friends, you do great work!

Still got questions? Comment below and I will be sure to answer them. 

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