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My Travel Essentials From Amazon

The best travel must haves from Amazon:

travel must haves from amazon

Disclaimer: this post does contain affiliate links so I will make a small commission if you decide to purchase using these links.

I was recently able to fly back home to visit my family in England. These days I am traveling less and less. Funnily enough, we used to travel to Charleston multiple times a year and now that we live here, we don’t feel the need to travel so much anywhere else! 

When I first started my business I was so happy that I could work from anywhere, and work from anywhere I did. Working remotely has so many benefits…..and struggles too! We booked trips, packed the laptop and hopped on the plane.

At first it was fun. I loved a little morning of working and afternoon chilling on the beach.

Then I realized….it was all work, and very little play. 

Yes, I was traveling but….I was still working.

Does this happen to you?

Since you started your business, when was the last time you took a full day off? A full week off? I know we all start our businesses hoping for freedom, for a work/life balance but then the reality of being a small business owner sets in.

So now….we travel a little less but when we do…..we are not working. We are truly taking a vacation. 

With that being said, traveling when you’re a homebody means you need to take some home comforts with you to make the trip as smooth as possible. Even more so when it’s an overnight flight. 

I have combined a little list of some of my travel must haves from Amazon. 

Sleep Gummies. I actually use those most nights even at home. They were an absolute travel must have! They really helped overcome the jet lag once we got to England.

This eye mask was super comfortable! It has a cushion around your eyes and doesn’t touch your eyelashes!

This laptop cover was a super last minute amazon prime add to cart option. I love the color! There are so many color options. 

This multiway charger was a life saver. These days it seems like every single item has a totally different cable and connection. Yes, I still usually end up forgetting one of them and need to pay through the nose for one new cable at every airport!

I saw this journal and fell in love. You can’t go wrong with any Sweet Water Decor products. I have plenty throughout my home and LOVE that I can get them from Amazon. I’m curious, do you like to journal when you travel or is that just me?

These hydration packs were so useful on the overnight flight! Also, when you’re traveling it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated, we’ve all been there.

Now this travel coffee maker obviously wasn’t for me….I am a tea drinker all the way but my husband is a little coffee obsessed. This Aeropress Go was a major win. For him it was probably the number one Amazon travel must have. 

This viral makeup case was amazing. There are so many beautiful color options. I love how the zip opens up and everything can lay flat. It even has extra compartments inside to help keep things organized. 

Finally, the everyday essential but absolute travel essential…the Apple Airpods. I recently upgraded and am so glad I did! The noise canceling on these was brilliant for the flight. I didn’t realize just how calm it made me feel until I accidentally turned it off. Those airplanes are LOUD! 

Now if any of you have a tip for how to actually sleep on an overnight flight, please let me know? I used to be able to….maybe because I was younger? These days, I swear, for the weeks leading up to it….I am anxious I won’t sleep. I get on the plane….mask on, sleep gummies, noise canceling headphones….close my eyes….I can’t sleep! So please, please, help a girl out!

travel essentials to buy from amazon

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