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Story Time: Here's a little bit about how I got started

I am so happy you have found my little corner of the internet. I am just about to hit the one year anniversary of launching my business. If anyone would have told me all that could change in one year I would have had a hard time believing it.

Here's the truth: we all start somewhere.

Do you remember where you were when you first had the idea to start your own business? Maybe it was a passing thought, or maybe you know exactly the place, the time and most importantly the feeling.

That feeling of 'maybe this could be something'.

If you did, I am happy for you. But maybe you were like me, I had the idea but the feelings that rushed in right after were anything but positive. The doubts came rushing in right away; 'what if this doesn't work?', 'how will I find work?', 'no one even know's what a virtual assistant is...' and so on.

At some point, we have to hit the pause button. Get off that never ending rollercoaster and take a good hard look at what's ahead. What if this does all work out? What if this turns out even better than I can imagine?

For me, my start came right after losing my job. A job I loved dearly, a job I never saw ending. In fact, the day they told me I would be let go was the exact day I had just thought 'I'm set here'.

So after many tears, I opened up my laptop and typed these few words 'how to work from home with no experience'. At that time, I believed I had no experience. I researched the best course to take, the best coaches to learn from, the best apps to use, the best software to download, the most wanted tools and tricks for VA's. I researched all the things. Maybe then I would feel 'experienced'. Sure, I felt like I was a bit more prepared, but it's not until you take that leap of faith that the experience comes along for the ride. Even now, I am still learning, still researching, still experiencing the rollercoaster that is growing a business.

So.....I know how you feel. I know how it feels to start somewhere. I know how it feels to ride the waves of uncertainty and that downward spiral of doubt. But most importantly, I know how good it feels to get started, to get to work and see the beautiful results of your efforts.

That idea you have, that business you started, it is a fantastic idea. If you need more support to achieve those business goals, to check off those tasks on your to do list, someone to provide a helping hand along the way.....I am here for you.

We all have to start somewhere.

- Amy

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